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About the webring

The point of this webring is for collectors to link to each other's sites so we can see each others collections! Whether you have a big or small collection, one or multiple collections, or collect niche or common things, you're welcome in this ring!

This ring is hosted via, and the official page for this ring is here!

Here's what the widget looks like! Once you're accepted, I'll email instructions and the specific code for the widget :-)

This site is a member of the Collectors Ring.

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Rules for joining

  1. Have your collection or talk about your collection somewhere on your site.
    1. Your site can be only about the collection or have it as a feature of your site alongside other things, as long as it's relatively easy to find!
  2. Have appropriate warnings before your collection, if applicable.
    1. I am fine welcoming collections that deal with darker things (such as bones or specimens, horror stuff, etc) but you must have appropriate warnings.
  3. Be respective of and a safe place for marginalized communities.

These are basic rules, but I, as the owner of the ring, still reserve the right to deny entry of the ring for reasons not stated (though if this happens, I will let you know the issue).

To apply

To apply, contact me at , and please use the format below, as well as make the subject "Webring Application".

Name: (Your name or website name here)
Website URL: (Please include the https://)
What you collect:

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