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Welcome to my website!

This website used to look way different, but I got annoyed with my silly spaghetti code and decided to just use a layout maker! Despite using a template, I've progressively changed more and more to move away from it, and hopefully make the site a little more me. This website is just a collection of things I thought important enough to code about them, and to keep my coding skills nice and polished.

Please enjoy your stay :•)

About me

My names Cache / Techan, I use it/he and gore/gores, and I'm a nonbinary man thing. I like coding, horror media, kpop, and cross stitching (among many other things), and most of all, I like having a site where I can do whatever I want!

I also have an experimental about me page! It is also considered my coding playroom, and it is not mobile responsive currently.

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  • General feeling: Sick
  • What's going on: Pain flares and bed rest.
  • What've I been up to: Making GIFs and coding.