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I've made a neocities for the same reason a lot of people have!! I made it to practice my coding without paying for a domain name :D

organ heartEnjoy your stay!!organ heart

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caution sign11/2/2021: E-Shrines page deleted, renamed to "???". Bookmarks updated.caution sign

caution sign9/20/2021: Graphics dump, gifs + pixels + images + dividerscaution sign

caution sign9/14/20: Graphics dump, backgrounds + stamps added, warnings added to graphics pagecaution sign

caution sign9/10/21: Main e-shrines page worked on, sub-shrines created. 9 + 10 = 21, good daycaution sign

caution sign9/4/2021: Bookmarks edited, scrollbar and cursor changedcaution sign

caution sign8/24/2021: Graphic gallery updated, bookmarks addedcaution sign

caution sign08/21/2021: Graphic gallery worked oncaution sign

caution sign08/20/2021: Website createdcaution sign