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Welcome to my internet shrine dedicated to a show where a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons! Here you will find some information about the show, my favorite characters and moments, and anything else I find important.

What is Critical Role?

Critical Role is an internet show where a cast of voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons for the world to watch, starring the DM, Matthew Mercer, as well as Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel, Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey, and Taliesen Jaffe, as well as a production crew. Originally a home game, it got its start on Geek and Sundry, streaming an episode every Thursday. After a while, its success grew and Critical Role became it's own company with its own production crew, as well as merch and eventually an animated spin-off show titled "The Legends of Vox Machina".

From 2015-Present, Critical Role has had 3 main campaigns, with different plots and characters, but all set in the same universe, known as Exandria. The first campaign, streamed from 2015-2017, follows the adventuring party Vox Machina. The second campaign, streamed from 2018-2021, follows the adventuring party The Mighty Nein. The third campaign, streamed from 2021-present, follows the adventuring party Bells Hells.

My Favorite Characters

Mollymauk Tealeaf

mollymauk tealeaf from critical role

Mollymauk is a tiefling blood hunter played by Taliesen Jaffe in Campaign 2. He uses he/him, but is openly genderfluid and bisexual. He's very outgoing, ostentatious, and doesn't care much what people have to think about him, he'd much rather live his life happily and do as he please without caring what people think of him.

Mollymauk is one of my favorite characters from Critical Role, and one of my favorite characters of all time. I also enjoy collecting Mollymauk-related merch (official and fanmade), and currently have multiple posters framed on my wall of him. I also have my personal content I've created for him, including but not limited to kandi, perler art, and fanart.

Ashton Greymoore

ashton greymoore from critical role

Ashton is an earth genasi barbarian played by Taliesen Jaffe in campaign 3. They use he/they pronouns, and are generally cranky and difficult to be around (which their friend, FCG, agreed with). He's loud, prefers to move around of his own accord, and hits things for money. He has a large crack in his skull that's been shoddily patched up with slag glass, and also deals with chronic pain.

Ashton is someone I hold close to my heart as well, both from a "loving the character" standpoint, and from a "I relate to them" standpoint. As a chronic pain haver and an anger issues haver, I see myself in Ashton and vice versa. It's not a perfect fit, but still nice.

Captain Xandis

No official art sorryz :•(

Xandis is the captain of the Silver Sun skyship, and uses any/all pronouns. They're a blue tiefling, and rather easy going, even with darker jokes and subjects which takes you off guard for a second. There's not as much information about her due to being an NPC rather than a player, but she does appear quite often, seeing as the Bells Hells owns the skyship she operates.

Blorbo of all time. I love getting attached to NPCs as much as I get attached to main characters, favorite pasttime.

Ira Wendagoth

ira wendagoth from critical role

Ira, also known as "The Nightmare King", is a fae creature who appears in campaign 3. He uses he/him, is 10 feet tall with long, gangly limbs, entirely dark green eyes, and a jagged smile resembling a jack-o-lantern.

Spoilers below!

Ira's alignment and what he pursues are best summed up as "what benefits him most at the current moment". Working with the Unseelie Court to build a machine to harness Ruidian powers, before being kicked off, then working with the people who sabotaged the Unseelie Court's project. He has no qualms about switching sides at a moments notice, preferring to just do his own thing. Once he was finished with his work with the aformentioned saboteurs, he absconded with the most important piece of their project, leaving them in the dust.

One of my favorite scenes with him is when the PC's asked if he had relations with one of their grandparents, to which he simply responded, "no, she has standards :-)"

Milo Krook

No official art sorryz :•(

Milo is a human NPC from campaign 3, and they use they/them pronouns. They live in the Krook house in Jrusar, roommates to Ashton Greymoore and Anni Aughta, and they are a huge tinkerer, enjoying to work on anything to do with the subject. They've helped Fresh Cut Grass, an aeormaton PC, with repairs and add-ons, among other personal activities.

Spoilers below!

Milo is also the person who helped Ashton Greymoore after a mission gone wrong. With Ashton's head completely cracked open, and due to their earth genasi nature, Milo melted down slag glass to fill in the hole, and slag metal and gold to fill in various cracks throughout Ashton's body.

Miscellaneous things

Ask game

This is a tumblr ask game that I am putting all the answers to here! Why? No idea! Because I can. Find the ask game here.

Q. How did you discover Critical Role?
A. When the first season of The Legend of Vox Mochina came out, I was bedridden due to chronic pain. I decided to watch it in my boredom, and fell in love with it (and never finished it—). My mom had already been watching the main campaigns for around a month, and so I started watching as well.

Q. When did you start watching?
A. January of 2022!

Q. What is your favorite main campaign?
A. I'm going to have to go with campaign 3! I prefer the characters of campaign 2, but overall I love campaign 3 for a multitude of reasons. I love the story, I love how high-stakes it's been, I love the setting(s), and it's also the only campaign I've watched live, which adds a bit to watching and learning about it that I enjoy.

Q. What is your favorite side campaign?
A. I haven't seen any of them, so unfortunately I cannot answer this.

Q. What is your favorite one-shot?
A. I really liked the Doom eternal oneshot actually! I haven't seen all of the oneshots, so this may be subject to change, but I thought the Doom eternal one to be quite fun.

Q. Who is your favorite female player?
A. Oh god I actually have to choose. I'm going to go with Laura Bailey, but I really don't want to have to choose between them 💔

Q. Who is your favorite male player?
A. Once again, hard choice. I am going to go with either Taliesen Jaffe or Travis Willingham, but I really like all of them.

Q. Who is your favorite DM?
A. Honestly? I really like Liam O'Brien as a DM. I love Matthew Mercer of course, but I'm going to have to go with Liam.

Q. Who is your favorite guest player?
A. Rough rough choice, but I'm going to have to go with Khary Payton, who played Shakäste in campaign 2.

Q. Who is your favorite Campaign 1 character?
A. So far, my favorite PC is probably Scanlan Shorthalt or Vax'ildan. My favorite NPC so far has been The Briarwoods (I know they're two but do not separate them.)

Q. Who is your favorite Campaign 2 character?
A. So far, my favorite PC is Mollymauk Tealeaf, and my favorite NPC is Captain Avantika.

Q. Who is your favorite Campaign 3 character?
A. So far, my favorite PC is Ashton Greymoore or Laudna, and my favorite NPC is Captain Xandis or Ira Wendagoth. But honestly campaign 3's NPCs have all been fantastic.

Q. Who is your favorite non-main campaign character?
A. Alas, I haven't seen them so I can't answer this one yet either.

Q. What is your favorite location in Exandria (or out of it)?
A. Honestly I've really enjoyed Darktow and Bassuras. Jrusar is a close third because I love its design, but I love everything about Darktow and Bassuras.

Q. Who is your favorite NPC?
A. Ough god. Actually this one is hard because I love sooooo many NPCs. I will go with Captain Xandis but do know this was challenging.

Q. What is your favorite party name?
A. I like the sound and mouth feel of Vox Machina a lot so I think I will go with that.

Q. What is your favorite friendship?
A. Fjord & Beau OR Ashton & Laudna OR Jester & The Traveler. They are kind of everything to me. But there are so so many good friendships like So many.

Q. What is your favorite canon relationship?
A. I haven't gotten to know many of the canon relationships so this may be subject to change, but I quite like Perc'ahlia for a romantic ship.

Q. What is your favorite non-canon ship
A. Okay so. I am not the biggest ship person. HOWEVER Fjolly (Fjord/Mollymauk) and Greystorm (Ashton/Dorian) are like. Everything to me. I also quite enjoy Ashton/Orym/Dorian, however I don't see much for it so I am left to rotating it around in my brain.

Q. What is your favorite "how do you want to do this?"
A. To be answered later

Q. What was a moment that made you cry?
A. I have cried over Mollymauk's death a few times, but that was before it happened? I didn't cry once it actually happened so I don't know what that was about. I also teared up a little at Orym's death and resurrection after the Otohan fight.

Q. What was your favorite funny moment?
A. Hospital scene from campaign 2. I nearly vomited from laughing so much during that.

Q. What was your favorite badass moment?
A. Can I just say all of Chetney's werewolf transformation. Those are all extremely badass to me and I adore them.

Q. What is your favorite battle?
A. So far, I quite liked the very first fight in campaign 3, the living furniture fight. It's just kind of everything to me. Also the Otohan fight because I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and while it didn't go well, I was obsessed.

Q. Who is your favorite villain?
A. Uhm. Uhmmmmmm. I actually have too many feelings about the villains to answer this. But we will go with Avantika for now. Just know that I spun a wheel of villains just to get that answer because I am indecisive.

Q. Who is your favorite animal companion?
A. Pâté de Rolo my beloved. I love him so so much.

Q. What is your favorite critical role merch?
A. I quite like the chibi pins! I've liked all the merch I've purchased, but the chibi pins are just little guys and I appreciate that greatly.

Q. What is your favorite Sam commercial skit?
A. I like the one where he makes this horrible drink concoction and goes "they told me these ingredients were fake". I haven't actually seen that episode yet, I've just seen the commercial.