What is Lobotomy?

Lobotomy? is a fictional band created by my friend, Isagani, and me, as an ongoing project about their shenanigans. In short, they suck real bad, they're the best.
In long, they're a band of three members: Jin, Steve, and Techan. They don't have a specific genre or sound, given that every album experiments with a different type of music, whether that's referring to a different genre or the same genre influenced by (a probably unhealty amount of) mushrooms, no two albums will sound the same. Their shows are chaotic, usually involving some sort of injury, illegal activity, or unspecified public disturbance, and would be likely disgusting to the general public. Fortunately though, the general public would avoid Lobotomy? at all costs and look with disdain— or morbid fascination— at Lobotomy?'s fans.

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