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This whole section is kinda just testing so it might not work like the rest of my site but who care!

So, about me, right? My names Cache, but I also go by Techan, I use it/he pronouns (along with a variety of neopronouns, and my identity is a bit of a clusterfuck! For basics, I describe myself as a nonbinary man thing, but it gets weird if we think about it too long. In terms of sexuality, I simply label myself as a gay man or queer. My sexuality experience is fucking Weird, so I take it on a case by case basis! Do not be surprised if you see conflicting or confusing accounts of my gender or sexuality, it just happens.

I consider myself a punk in ideology and music taste but I accidentally started fixating on kpop so like. Don't think too hard on it. I will listen to any music though, yes including country, however I have some genres I dislike stuff from more often. I have hated all experimental music I've heard, however I believe it is stupid to blanket turn yourself off from something like music. So recommend me genuinely everything.

On the note about that kpop fixation; I tend to like noise kpop a lot, with exceptions. I also like Ateez, P1Harmony, Bae173, Kingdom, and a variety more groups I casually listen to. I enjoy analyzing music videos, choreographys, and listening to the music. Generally, it is rare for me to care about a group enough to watch variety content and actually learn about the idols, with exceptions there as well. I still enjoy collecting photocards and albums of anyone I listen to though.

Sometimes I'm hard to interact with. I am socially underdeveloped and have a variety of issues I will not be sharing. Maybe ignore all that though and pretend I'm normal even though I cannot pass as such. Up to you.

Blah blah more info to be added later.

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